Sunday, December 9

AP Moment of the day .... making lemonade!

Today we worked some more on decorating our Christmas Trees. For years I have decorated everything in one day but it has been getting harder and harder and more and more stressful to do that. Today I read an article from Flylady saying that we shouldn't try and do it all at once and end up frazzled and yelling at our families... Christmas is for the children... it occurred to me that I am so caught up in making it look "perfect" that I forget it's all about the kids. Sure, in years to come I can make it perfect... but who will be here to care?! Now we put some decorations on here, some there... I let the kids do as much of it as they want to do and it shows!!!! But the tree has never looked more innocent!! More loved!! Jessie and I went out and bought an Angel to sit on top of the tree today. She is beautiful and finishes it off so nicely. I have decided to no longer concern myself with Jackster's cavalier attitude to my baubles, so some got broken..... as long as no one gets hurt and he's trying to put them on the tree nicely, then that's just the price I pay to have a loving family who want to help decorate and beautify our Christmas tree. The day I have a perfect tree and an empty house will be a sad one. I see that now.

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