Monday, December 3

AP Moment of the day~When helping really isn't quite as helpful as perhaps it could be!

Today I've been a tad busy tidying the house so that I can clean it!! It took hours just to get it picked up enough to clean!!! Admittedly I get a bit nutso when the house is a mess and I had let it get a little out of hand lately. The kids were super and they know to keep out the way when I'm tidying up. Beans took good care of Jackster and they spent the majority of the day in the basement where Beans schooled Jackster on his alphabet and had him counting and such! The cute part is where she has him raise his hand to answer a question!!! Poor boy!!! Anyway, they were pretty good kiddoes all day..... until... the dreaded..... "I hewlp?"....." I hewlp a Mummy?".... "Mummy.... Mummy I hewlp a you??!!" LOL!!!!! I have very little patience with children who want to help. I don't mind when I plan on them helping me and I am all filled up with patience and time.....but when I'm really busily trying to get stuff done and they want to help, well, I'm not at my best!! :D Jackster loves to do windows!! He sprays our vinegar spray all over the windows and wipes away to his hearts content! Of course the windows only get clean about half way up, but hey, they're cleaner than they were, right!!?!? I was busy cleaning the floor and he wanted to help spray the floor! I asked him to sit by me and he could spray ONLY WHEN I SAID!! He did such a good job and was so careful to spray just where I pointed and only when I said so!!! Later I was vacuuming... he really hates the noise so he and Beans had gone upstairs to hide. I busied myself cleaning and suddenly Beans came back down... "Jackster's in the sprayers... he's spraying EVERYTHING!!!!" I go upstairs to see and he is in the bathroom with another vinegar spray bottle.... there is vinegar spray EVERYWHERE. It's up to the ceiling, it's all over the giant mirror, it's on the cupboards, on the carpet... his shirt is drenched with it!!!! "NoooooOOOOooooo!!!!!!" I shout "Jackster....N....." then I catch sight of his devastated little face......"oohhhh..... you were helping weren't you?!!" "yes" he quietly says. <<>> as my heart breaks for him!!! I give him a huge hug and tell him what a super helper he is!!! He did such a thorough job!!! :D Bless his little heart!!! I take care to hide the spray bottle out of sight and we go downstairs for dinner. As we are setting the table he starts to haul everything out of the pantry and sets them on the table!! Boxes of soup, mustard from the fridge, jars of pickle... I hear him whisper to himself as he scurries past me with his booty...."I'm VERY hewlping"....!!!!!!!!!!

Yes he is. He's also very trying!! :D

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