Tuesday, December 4

AP Moment of the day~ If ever oh ever a Whizz there was...

Jessie Beans is one.....because, because because because because beCAUSE....!! Because of the wonderful things she does, of course!! :D

Today Jessie wants to be a ... Wizard. Well technically she wants to be a Wizard~ess. I'm not sure that there is such a thing, but, as a good AP Momma, I don't tell her that!! :D She wanders around in her Wizard~ess garb and does Wizardess things like point her "wand" at people and wave it manically in their eye region causing my Mummy brain to come close to exploding point trying to restrain myself from blurting out "YOU'LL HAVE SOMEONE'S EYE OUT WITH THAT!!!!" She writes spells in her spell book and reads stories about Wizards and the like!!! Goofball. The best magic she performs, however, has to be the morning cuppa she brings me every day!!

Today we also tested her kitchen magic as she and Jackster "helped" me make the Gingerbread ready for our Gingerbread house party on Thursday! They had a super time cooking and the dough looks great!! We'll see how it works out tomorrow! :D

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