Friday, January 6

and what a lovely day to spend in court......!! :D

Now THAT got your attention I bet!! I HOPE it did anyway! I don't want to be the kind of gal where the statement "I spent the day in court" is greeted with anything but horror and dismay!! ;D Actually we had to be in court this morning by 9am as a neighbor was involved in a car accident and had asked us to go along and testify to how awful the hill outside our house is! It was a fun and fascinating experience for Jessie and myself ( you know how homeschoolers are !!) and I'm sure it's much easier to be in court when it's not your neck on the block! As it was we have to go back again next month blah blah blah so we will look forward to doing that again! It's really quite fascinating and moves VERY quickly! They must have got through at least 10 cases in a mere 20 minutes and the judge spoke so fast and so quietly it was quite a trick to follow what was going on!

Anyhoo after our morning's outing the kiddies and I went home whilst hubs went on to Omaha for the day. I fought the laundry again for a while whilst simultaneously chatting with my bestie from Michigan! Our chats are always long and lovely and I miss her so much since she moved away YEARS AGO!! Another friend of ours came over to visit with her lovely daughter and the kiddoes all played in the sunshine and on the Wii in the basement as she and I sipped tea and yapped a while!!.

After our friends left I had a long chat on the Gmail chat thing with my Ma and then the kids and I played catch for 15 minutes before taking a lovely walk in our short sleeves with the pooch. Honestly it was in the mid 60's this afternoon. It's January 5th people!! We saw lots of other people walking their dogs and everyone of them took time to voice their concerns about the lovely weather we were experiencing!! It's hard not to be cynical in Nebraska.... if it's really hot and sunny when it SHOULD be 20 below zero, then we tend to question if the world is indeed coming to an end OR what is hiding around the corner. I think we all expect to get slammed by a huge snowstorm or something, just to show us who is really in charge around here!!!

Our day was rounded off by a visit from another family friend who came for dinner and chatting! We really love having people round to visit and we are so lucky to have such special friends! And now I think it's time for me to hit the hay, or the sack... or maybe just go to bed... I'm kind of tired really!! ; D

Oh oh oh... I DID decide today what I'm going to spend my gift certificate to the Wool Shop on....! ( I know.... you've been on PINS waiting to find out, right?!?! ) I'm going to make THIS hat for baby Fiona ( no peeking Alicia!!) and I'm going to make myself a pair of socks!!! I've NEVER made socks and frankly I'm quite nervous to try... but this is going to be the year! I am determined! When I find a pattern I like I will get started... ALL I have to do now is choose the yarn..... yeah...... that will be a doddle!!!! :P

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