Saturday, January 7

Saturday night's alright!!!

Hello again friends! ;D  OK, today I had planned to sleep in !!!   I know !!  I hear you laughing!!!!!   Jack came into bed with us about 2am and went right back to sleep.... only he woke about 7 asking me to get up and go downstairs ( down~a~nairs ) with him. I really didn't want to..... I really wanted to go back to sleep.... for hours and hours ideally......  He persuaded me.... he usually does.....   ***Sigh***    anyway, down we went.

There was absolutely nothing on the TV for children.... I can't STAND that weird YuGhiO stuff ( however you spell it... ) and that's all that seems to be on on Saturdays!  When I was a kid Saturday morning TV was the BEST.... here and now it's abysmal.   Anyway.... he chose to watch something on Netflix instead.  At first he wanted to watch Barney's Christmas Special but then thought he might like to watch Mythbusters (!!!  YEAHY!!!   That's SCIENCE people!!! ) my boy is really into science.  He loves to watch Nova with us and just adores Sid the Science Kid and Curious George!  Anyway, the first myth this morning was all about whether a cell phone can blow up gasoline when you are pumping gas ( it can't!  ... it's the static discharge from returning to your car during pumping..... ) and I wanted to find out whether it was true or not, so I ended up snuggling on the couch with him watching Mythbusters instead of going back to bed!  Jessie came down later and she TOO got caught up with the mystery that is Jamie and Adam.   I occasionally made motions to go back to bed but was persuaded to stay downstairs.  Finally hubby stumbled down too......Yup..... he joined us watching Mythbusters!!  A regular impromptu Pyjama Party!

Sure, we eventually got dressed... I worked my way through MULTIPLE loads of laundry (ugh, which I have just remembered are still stacked neatly in my bedroom and not at all put away.... ) I cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher several times, chatted on the phone, played words with friends, put away the stragglers of Christmas decorations, helped Jessie with her math, and played real life Angry Birds with my boy and helped him with his experiments in physics!  I also later played Story Cubes with Jack.  I'd bought them for Christmas and thought they would help him form sentences and follow ideas.... they work perfectly!  It couldn't be better!  He was so thrilled to be able to make up stories!  We each made up two stories and then I put the cubes away!  Leave 'em wanting more is my theory!!  He did NOT want to stop playing ( yeahy!) so we all went outside for our daily 15 minutes and played catch some more!  Jessie has SUCH an arm on her!  Sometimes I refuse to even TRY to catch the balls she throws!  She'll have my arm off!!!  Rex came out and played too and Jessie loves that!  She gets to throw as hard as she likes to him! ;D

And now the night time is upon us!!   Both kiddies are quietly sleeping, the TV is burbling in the other room and my iPad keeps telling me I have Words with Friends games to play!  I have made myself THE most decadent cup of hot chocolate I've ever had in my life 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup milk with dark chocolate broken up and melted within...... hhhmmmmmm!  It's part of my new healthy eating regime!!  For dinner tonight I had a fried egg and bacon!!! Oh yes....  I totally did!! :D Anyhoo folks, time once again for some crocheting by the fire, a little TV, some high tech word games and a sip or two more of chocolatey goodness!! ;D  "See" you tomorrow!  Sleep tight!


Catonine said...

I really really want to lose weight and have made the effort to once again venture on this quest. Tonight i had a very tasty dinner. it was mushrooms, bacon, spinach sauteed and then two eggs cracked on top of that and the pan covered for several minutes until the eggs were cooked through. Miss you. Help me not let time slip away from me or it will be summer and I will not have come to see you.

k2k said...

Sounds lovely. We too love mythbusters. We've recently morphed into more Modern Marvels as well. Not quite as experimenty. Yeah, I know that't not really a word. Shakespeare made up words too. Lo carb for me too these days. Hugs to you and the kids. I miss you all - even your hubby! (don't want to leave him out!)


Catonine said...

Kim, I am using . Their food diary is very nice and in your profile you can set it to also display net carbs. They also have a free android and iOS app so that is very easy to use.