Wednesday, January 4

A promise is a promise... no matter how small....!

I promised my beautiful girl that I would write another post today! She loves to read my blog almost as much as I love to read her stories!

We had a fun day today... the weather was ridiculous hot, Africa hot... ok, not really THAT HOT but for January?!??! It was something like 68degrees!!!!!! WHAAAATTTT??? it's going to be 70 or more tomorrow!! Now that ain't RIGHT!!!! Nevertheless we took full advantage and spent some quality time outdoors. I think Jack wins the prize for most time out today since he took out his angry birds and pigs and played on the driveway for hours! Jessie and I joined him later and played another game of catch! I had gone inside to get the timer so I could play with them ( I know, I'm such a lame mother that I had to set a timer, but I had tons to do and and and.......) sigh. Anyway, I heard them outside... Jack was squealing and Jessie said "I can SEE her!! She's COMING!!" they were so excited I was coming out to play!! Bless them!! :D

The remainder of the day seemed to revolve mostly around laundry and getting the Christmas trees down. For some reason this year I was not unhappy to be taking them down... normally I put it off and put it off, but this year it seemed right somehow. Of course the trees are out but now there are garlands, decorations, wreaths, lights, figurines etc littering the dining table. Tsk. I'll get them put away tomorrow!!! The laundry is also a half finished project! It's always the same when we have company, the laundry is the first thing to suffer!! Well actually it doesn't suffer, it flourishes!!! The more people we have staying and the longer the stay, the more the laundry THRIVES!! ;D Hmmm.... that could be useful information for somebody! Maybe I could get a grant and prove that!!! :D

I've spent the day sticking to my no carb no sugar attempt ( one day!! Whooo hoo!!) I'm going to need more cheese. And eggs. And cream!! ;D I've promised myself one cup of coffee with cream and sugar every night as a treat so I am going to go and make that little monkey right now!!! The kiddies are sleeping, the cat has STOPPED howling at the front door ( I guess a neighboring fat cat came by for a peek in the windows!! ) and the house is quiet...... perfect time for a cozy cuppa then an early night I think!! ;D

Goodnight all...... 'night 'night Jessie....!! Love ya!!



Alicia said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Love the idea of angry birds in the driveway! :)

Catonine said...

What a nice day! Look for Truvia at the grocery store. It is a sugar replacement made out of erythritol and stevia. It smells like cotton candy and works like a charm.

Most of your eating habits that I have seen are compatible with low carb conversion. No more rice or tortillas. Your Quick as lightning chili has more carbs than you normally would want to eat, but it also has a lot of fiber to balance that out.

If you miss potatoes, substitute rutabaga. If you miss rice, shred some cauliflower and steam lightly.

I don't know why you are dieting but if you want a good website for tracking your food with a wonderful food diary then try fat secret. you enter your food and then it calculates the rest.

Got to get me some brunch. love you!!

2tiredmom said...

Hmm...well I did comment before but apparently it did not care for my comment, as it seems to have spit it out. Anyway, just wanted to say love the concept of laundry "flourishing." It sure beats my pile of Mount Washmore downstairs, and I definitely see where Jess gets her writing talent from. You should blog more my dear, in your spare time of course...set that timer, after all, what's one more thing?