Thursday, December 20

Day Twenty!

You never know what you might find in Hancock's!
It was soooooo cold and snowy today that we decided to stay HOME!!  My mum, however, was drawn to Hancock Fabric store... one of our favorite hangouts!! :D  I asked her if maybe she would like to participate in our 25 acts and she said "Sure"! :D  I wrote two notes, the usual, Merry Christmas, enjoy this random act of kindness, and stuck them to two $5 bills.  I asked Mum to put them somewhere where they would be found.  She first went to the dollar store and was served by a nice young man who was saying he hadn't seen his mother in over a year.  My Mum felt sorry for him and so hid the money where he would be sure to find it when he returned to the checkout. ;D  The next bill she hid in Hancock's....  in the ladies bathroom!! :D   She'd hidden in under a layer of toilet roll so that the next person to pull on the paper would find a nice surprise!!! :D  Much better than most surprises you find in a public restroom!!! :D

Anyway, lots of fun and I'm sure she's made at least two people happy today!!

Twenty days down, five to go!!  I think we are going to make this!! :D

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Missusgarry said...

It was really fun for me to do ... and I'd been looking forward to being able to 'join in' with the RAKs!!!! Hope to do some more before the 25th!!! :)