Saturday, December 22

Day Twenty Two.

I think today was one of my favorite Acts! :D Hubby and I went out to do some last minute Christmas shopping together.  (No. we still haven't finished.  Yes.  I am starting to panic!!)   We headed out early to avoid the crowds and started at Panera to make our battle plan.  Turns out having a strategy makes short work of shopping which is just how I like it!!

Anyway! My idea for today was to buy someone's turkey.  I had planned to do this towards the end of the 25 days as I had hoped to have enough money saved up to perform a big Act.  We had managed to save a LOT of money so I took it all with me to the grocery store and hubs and I kept our eyes open for someone with a turkey that looked like it needed buying!!! ;D  We saw several shoppers who looked like suitable candidates and then I noticed a lady unloading her cart.  It was so very full... and full of own label goods. Absolutely piled high... with two containers of cat litter on the bottom rack.  I reasoned (and obviously I was guessing and making a judgement here) that a) she had a lot of people to feed and b) she had cats! :D I sidled up to the cashier who was just finishing up with a previous customer and handed her $20.  I explained that it was for the next customer to put towards her groceries and it was a random act of kindness for Christmas.  The cashier was keen to help and I walked away as quickly as possible to try not to draw the customer's attention.  We continued around the store a while picking up one or two treats for dinner and Rex pointed out another lady.  This was an older lady who was carefully going through all her coupons as she shopped.  Apparently she reminded him of his mom who died this past March.  I ran up to her and handed her $20.  "Merry Christmas!!" I said "This is for you!"  Her disbelief and thank you were so heartfelt I got a lump in my throat so I beamed, said "You're welcome!"  and ran off before I cried!  I love doing that so much I could do it all day long!!  SUCH a great feeling!

So now, time for dinner and then wrapping and some more wrapping!!  Not long now 'til Santa!!

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