Wednesday, December 19

Day Nineteen!

Oh boy NOT LONG UNTIL CHRISTMAS NOW!!!  Eeeek!!  So much still to do!! :}

Anyway, on to today's Act.....  this morning it was trash pick up day.  Our garbage collectors are the nicest garbage collectors around!  So polite and friendly.  This morning we saw them driving up so Jessie dashed out the house in nothing but her PJ's clasping a big old bag of home made fudge!!!  She stood at the end of the driveway only to watch them drive off in the other direction.  She stood and waited.  And waited.  And... waited. And hopped from one cold, bare foot to the other.  She hugged herself to keep warm but she did NOT come back inside, she did NOT stray from her post!  I felt sorry for her so threw her lovely warm coat and fur lined boots to her from the deck and she went back to her waiting, a little more comfortably!   Before much longer they drove up and I watched out the window as Jessie excitedly offered the fudge to the guy.  He asked if we made it ourselves and when she said yes, he said he supposed he would have to share it with the driver eh?  Yeah, that would be the  Christmassy thing to do, she said!!! :D  He gave her a big smile and a high five and off they went on their way.  Jessie came back in, happy, but chilly! ;D

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