Wednesday, November 28

The Best Laid Plans and where to shove them!

Ever have one of those days.... I don't even know why I'm asking, I know you did... do... are.....!!  I woke up this morning thinking this was going to be "a GREAT day" !  I didn't know why, I just knew it was.  I had a PLAN, I made a LIST... I was Going To Get Things DONE.  uh HUH.  You're laughing already aren't you.  See?  I knew you'd understand.  As I sit here now, doing something that was NOT on my list mind you, I realize how much I was kidding myself!  When there is a baby in the house, getting DRESSED should be gold medal worthy.  Showered and dressed??!  Fuggedaboutit!!  Showered, dressed, house cleaned, laundry done ( AND put away!!) dinner ready, kids schooled, baby happy and learning new skills...?????   aha ha hah hah ahaaaaa!!!!!    Nope.  Not on your nelly.  Or anyone's nelly for that matter.  Ain't Gonna Happen.  And yet, dreamer that I am, I harken back to a time when Flylady and I were like THAT ( I crossed my fingers to indicate that we were TIGHT!!) .. my house ran like clockwork ( most of the time, it was one of those clocks that had to be wound once in a while! ) if I made a list BAM!!  that list got DONE!!!......   sigh.  Those days are no more.   And I should be glad of it too.  I have a BEAUTIFUL family to spend time on.  A gooing cooing baby girl who we all love to watch grow.  A blossoming teenager who actually LOVES to spend time with me, who physically CRAVES my attentions.  A girl I couldn't be more proud of.  And a boy... my Jack.... this kid can keep himself occupied all day long but at bedtime ... he wants me to sleep beside him every night.  He asks me to hold his hand whilst he falls asleep. He asks me to sing, he begs me to stay.  So today I didn't get my chores done.  I DID cuddle my baby.  I didn't get all the laundry washed I DID play Just Dance 3 with my big girl, I didn't get the Christmas decorations out but I DID spend time reading with Jack and working on his numbers.... oh yeah.... and I held his hand and sang him some songs at bedtime.  Of course I still have things that weigh on me... I didn't call my mother today, I really need to spend some time with my hubby and the kitchen dishes aren't going to wash themselves, but, really, all in all, it was a very, very good day.

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