Sunday, December 2

25 Random Acts of Kindness. Day One.

This year, instead of the usual advent calendars and such, we thought we'd try and different and exciting approach to the countdown to Christmas.  We are planning to perform at least one random act of kindness every day from the first through the 25th of December.

***DID YOU KNOW?!?! ***
Performing Acts of Kindness is shown to produce the hormone Oxytocin in the body.  This hormone is proven to lower blood pressure!  SO Act of Kindness are not only good for others but good for you TOO!!  Try it yourself and see!!!!

 Our first Random Act was pretty fun!  We went to our tiny local grocery store in our tiny town to buy a potato.  One potato.  I asked Jessie to run and ask the checkout lady how many people worked in the store.  She told her four.  When I went to check out I casually asked for the potato and five separate lottery tickets.  She gave them to me and rang me up.  I thanked her of course and then handed back four of the tickets!  She was a little confused of course but then we explained ourselves and said there was one ticket for each employee.  She was very excited and grateful!!  We left the store feeling quite giddy and looking forward to tomorrow's act!  

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