Sunday, November 25

Shhhhh..... pretend I never left, ok? :D

So, we won't stop to count how long it's been since I last wrote a blog post...  But the fact that Jessie said today...."Perhaps you could blog about THIS Mom?" might be an indicator?!  Everything is going along nicely at our house.  We had our lovely baby girl, Millie, on August 13th.  She was born 3 weeks early but 6lb10, so bigger than my full term Jessie! :D Millie is getting along great, we all adore her of course, and she gets oooodles of attention.  Her smiles and coos are what are charming us at the moment and it turns out we can lose hours out of every day just talking to her and watching to see what she'll do next!  It's a good job she naps during the day or I wouldn't ever have chance to get dressed!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving....  tons of yummy food, simple, but good.  Each year I look at our plates and think, hmm... could have had more color, could have been more stylish, but each year I look at the pitiful amount of leftovers and figure I got it about right!!  It's time now of course to start thinking about Christmas..... !!  I'm excited this year because Millie will LOVE the lights, we call her Millie the moth because she sure is drawn to light.  I can't imagine how she's going to be dazzled by the trees!!!  I remember when Jess was a baby we'd lay her under the tree and she'd gaze in amazement at all the beautiful lights.... heck, I still do that!!!  We'll probably ( hopefully ) get our tree(s) this coming week.  I'm hosting a Craft / Christmas Project day next weekend and I'd like the decorations up by then... at least some of them anyway! ;D

There has been so much happening around here since I last wrote....  all and nothing if you know what I mean.  Rex doesn't have a job yet but he has some prospects in the pipeline and surely something will shake lose soon!  I'm busy with baby, Jessie is working on writing a novel.... she's doing NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month ) and Jack is busy kicking his families collective rear in Mario Kart Wii.  He is incredibly good at it... or we are exceptionally poor at it.... either way, he loves to win and the sounds of his playing in the basement carry up through the rest of the house!!

Anyway, I'm happy to have taken the time to write a little tonight.....  everyone else is sleeping and I can hear a Fringe rerun playing in the other room.  I'm thinking it's time I went to bed...  I'll no doubt be up again in a few hours with shortie, but it's getting longer between feeds so not too bad really.

G'night all.  Nice to chat.  Talk again soon.  (I promise!)

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