Tuesday, November 27

25 Random Acts of Kindness.

The family and I were talking earlier about Christmas.  We thought it might be nice this year if we could perform an act of kindness every day from December 1st through the 25th.  We had a few ideas to start with, Jessie liked the idea of handing out free Gingerbread Men at the mall, but I'm not sure people would go for that...  We all liked the idea of paying for somebody's groceries, paying for someone's coffee, surprising someone with flowers, buying a big sack of dog food for a local animal shelter, buy a toy for a child at the orphanage, make cookies for the neighbors ( but we do that every year anyway...  ) ....  we just need to come up with nineteen more ideas!!! ;D   I thought if I wrote about it here, we would be able to keep track of what we do.  Jessie and I are really excited to do this!  We have done stuff like this before and it's always meant more to us than to the recipient!!  We almost feel guilty for enjoying it so much!!  If you have any good ideas, I'd love to hear them!!  Please do share! ;D

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Michele said...

Run errands for someone who us differently fabled... or help them ship for Christmas. Bring someone a meal. Donate lots of old toys to a shelter. Dictate letters, or help with addressing cards for someone with arthritis. Buy a pair if winter boots to give to a migrant worker program (Mexico us warm, NE is not). Contribute to HeatShare, or whatever it us called to cover heat bills. I will try to think of more :)