Monday, July 16

Half way through July already!!??!! :D

So I'm at 32 weeks and four days...!! ( don't forget those four days people!! ) Things are coming along nicely with baby....  I'm getting regularly kicked, HARD and some days I'm not sure what the little blighter is doing but my whole belly literally SHOOK like a bowl of jelly....!!  Of course no one else saw it happen and my description of it obviously didn't do the event justice as no one offered me much praise or any kind of award....!!

We've been doing a little hoop jumping lately with regard to midwives, OB's and that sort of thing.  Turns out "Times Have Changed" since VBAC'ed Jack nearly 10 years ago and having a baby naturally is considered "Dangerous" (sigh) My lovely midwife's office has joined forced with another group and the other group's providers, the hospitals and the insurance companies have basically put the kibosh on VBAC birth.  Pah.  and Fie.  I did a little research and found an OB who is ( sensible! ) more than willing to encourage me to VBAC.  Awesome sauce.  We did go the midwife's office today for a final goodbye visit and also ( yeahy!) another ultrasound.  They have those 3D ones.... so we know just what baby looks like!! : D  Baby is head down.... ( yeahy! )..... and...... um..... huge.   (not yeahy).   My other two baba's were, well, small.  I like 'em small.  I like babies to be teeny tiny little things, not to mention how much easier birth is that way!!!  Jessie was 6.6 when she was born and Jack around the 7lb mark.  This little one is already 5lb 3oz and is in the 97th percentile.  Holy heck.   At  this growth rate we can expect at least a nine pounder if it goes full term ( please be early, please be early!!)   I've thought for a long while that baby will be 2 weeks early, don't know why, just a feeling, .... that will make it about 8lbs....   yikes!!  I know that's not REALLY big or anything but it sure seems big to me!! :D Still, we have a healthy baby and that's what counts, isn't it!! ;D

Anyway, there's a little update for you... ! 

Toodles! ;D

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