Tuesday, April 20

Boot Camp, Food Handler's Permits, Boot Camp Day Care and a Doggie Taxi !!! It's no wonder my head spins!! ;D

Today started out by us all waking up at 7:45 !! What a great night's sleep we all had!! I hustled and got ready for Boot Camp and worked my booty off for an hour. I came home to find everyone playing ball with Daddy. We visited for a while then Rex went off into town and I started to work on my Food Handler's Permit for the Farmer's Market this summer. It took me hours to get through the whole thing and I have to say, I'm never eating out again. Yikes. !!! Anyhoo, I'd no sooner done that than I had to get the kiddoes into the car and take them with me to the Gym so I could take my turn at Day Care. The kiddoes I watch are LOVELY .... real sweeties! We had some wild and rambunctious boys when I arrived but I got them sorted out by making them work out !!! That took some of their energy away!

I only have to watch them for an hour and it goes really fast so it wasn't long before we were headed home again. Once home I made some food for me and the kids. I had a fantasticly tasty salad... spinach, romaine, mushrooms, orange pepper and savory baked tofu with a dish of avocado, salsa and worcestershire sauce mixed into a fabulously tasty Guac!! oh yum!! ! I could have eaten that until it came out of my ears!! ;D

I was just about finished with dinner when Lucy ( the pooch ) started going BANANAS at the front door!!! Rex went to see what was going on and it was a dog! A dog we have seen a few times before!! She's an absolute sweetie, really friendly and soft. We know where she lives, clear on the other side of Hickman, and we have taken her home several times before too. Apparently her electric collar doesn't work!! ;D I said Hi to her and asked he what she was doing here at this time of night! She didn't answer! I opened my van door and she hopped right into the passenger seat!!! Bloody dog !!! She just wanted a ride home !!! ;D LOL!!!

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Risa said...

Sounds like a crazy busy day. I am chuckling at your comment about never eating out again--I've heard that from many friends who work in the restaurant industry. Ick!