Thursday, April 22

Just a quickie again! ;D

Wow. What a busy day! ;D LOL!!

I packed up the kids and went to Boot Camp again today.... the kiddoes went to the day care and had a great time by all accounts! It's a nice little day care with only a few children and it's right inside the gym so I can see them and they can see me when we work out! After the gym I headed home but had to stop for gas as I drove in on FUMES!!! Found gas, headed home and got there to find Mary and her children sitting on the door step!!!! Ack!!! I knew they were coming, I had just planned to get home before them!! ;D Ah well! So the children played for a while and went for a walk to the park ( with Jack!! ) and they all came home safe and sound! They didn't get to play for nearly long enough but it was lovely anyway! After they left I sorted some paper work for the Market and made an appointment to visit with the Health Inspector..!! Then we had some early dinner, packed up our cares and woes and headed back out to the Gym so I could do my two hour Day Care shift!! A couple of the other ladies were there and it was really nice chatting with them as we watched the children play. It has been really good for Jack as he has to interact somewhat with the others. He seems to be doing just fine and he knows the rule "No LEAVING!" LOL!

Once back from Day Care it was a quick meal for me ( Veggie burger, spinach, salsa, baked apple filled with cranberries, topped with a drizzle of honey, chopped almonds and cinnamon!! SUCH decadence!! ) then bedtime! Jack was so grubby I had to scrub his knees and heels to get him clean! Honestly I don't know HOW he gets so dirty! ; D

Anyway, now time for me to go to bed.... another day tomorrow you know! ;D

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