Wednesday, April 21

A Parenting Post!! A Parenting Post!!!!

Actually you guys, I'm totally going to stiff you tonight!! ;D This is an article I wrote this evening based on trying to parent Jack today! ;D He's so funny! He always wants things he just can't have and today in Scheels he tried to get a paintball gun!!! I had to say no, (of course!) and so I tried all sorts of things before finally resorting to an old standby... Wish Granting! I told him he could have it in PRETEND!! It works like a charm with Jack!! He even told the lady at the check out about it and asked me to put it in a HUGE bag for him!! LOL!!!

Today was a lovely day, busy ( really??! ) but nice! When I got home from Boot Camp and Day Care, and shopping, and browsing cycle shops it was late afternoon! I got a little work done and then we had dinner. The kiddoes and Rex headed out to play basketball and soon I was invited to join in. We played for quite a while until the children grew tired but Jack would NOT go inside! I invited him to do "Suicides" with me on the driveway and he LOVED that idea! Since Jungle Kids Boot Camp he love to run and do exercises!! Finally I got him worn out and he came in to get ready for bed. Now he is asleep and I am once again sitting here typing instead of sitting snuggling with my hubby! Going to remedy that right now! ; D

Night all! ; D


Risa said...

Tell me what a "suicide" is in this sense please. We soooo need to be doing even more to tucker our boys out.

collin said...

wow...nice post.....i really liked it.

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