Sunday, April 18

Sunday with a Scientist, the laundry and a hedge!! ;D

Agh!! I had plans! BIG plans!! I was going to STAY HOME and I was going to get tons of work done ( paperwork ) and house work.... I was ... I was..... but Jessie somehow got wind of the Sunday with a Scientist thing and begged me to take her!! Seriously! She dragged out her science books, took notes, read me various pages.... she was KEEN!!! As a Good Homeschooling Mother how could I possibly say no!?? So... we went and it was lovely! She did me proud as she asked intelligent questions, made intelligent observations and was in general her lovely self. Jack was HIS usual self.... he pretended he couldn't talk, tried to steal a ladies stuffed plover and ran away and got lost for, oooh, five long minutes!!! LOL!!

I wrote an article about it and there's a slideshow of pics if you wanted to have a look....

Anyway, we went, we saw, we enjoyed, we left, we stopped for Tacos, we came home. I ran the dishwasher, loaded the washing machine, downloaded some pics and changed into my riding shorts. Rex walked in the door, I walked OUT the door and took off for a quick ride with Lisa. We only rode 11 miles as it was FREEEEEZING out there.... her fingers were WHITE with cold. We decided to stop for coffee to warm us and the thrill of the idea send me tumbling into a hedge. Perfect!! I was riding one of her bikes to try it out and the brakes are AWESOME!! TOO Awesome!!! I over steered, over corrected, over braked aaaaand over tipped!!! ;D Ah well, no harm done!! And Lisa didn't laugh TOOO much!! ;D

Hah hah hah. !!!

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