Thursday, May 6

so....lightening ....and water........ and metal pans...???

LOL!! I'm not sure how much I enjoy washing my pots and pans whilst lightening rages right outside the window!!!! YOW!! I kept thinking I was about to be smoked at any moment!!: D I survived the dishes but now am sitting on an electrical recliner, watching the TV with a laptop on my lap!!! Can you say "BRING IT ON!!? Actually I'm too much of a chicken to do this for much longer!! :D

In short we had a nice day, went to Boot Camp and worked HARD, chatted with Mary and the kiddoes for a while, hung out with the kids then spent the afternoon getting ready for Rex to come home from his week away! Phew!! He should be home any minute and I'm sure he's happy he landed before the storm got here!!

Tomorrow I'm heading 0ut an a 70 mile bike ride!!!! **laughs hysterically** !! I'm sure it will be great!!!! .....!! I'll let you know how it turns out!!!!! ;D

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Risa said...

I look forward to hearing about the bike ride. Keeping my fingers crossed that lightning stays AWAY while you ride!