Wednesday, May 5

Mr Cellophane...!!!

Have ya heard the song, Mister Cellophane?? It's from the movie "Chicago"... about this guy who no one ever sees.... he's invisible, he's cellophane. Some days I feel like if no one sees me. No one, and I don't mean my kids here, notices me, acknowledges me, gives a rats ass about me....!!! Isn't that odd???? I mean, it's only recently I've grown aware of how cellophane I have become and I have found myself wondering whyI have allowed myself to become that way. It's easier to be quiet, blend in, fade out, Be Good but if the end result is you suddenly have become invisible then what, my dear, is the use in that. My awesome pretend friend Claire has always stated "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History" and I saw that on a bookmark the other day along with a list of doubtlessly ill behaved wenches, so I bought it and tucked it into a book I'd picked up for Jessie. I hope she's a wild woman. A trouble maker, an envelope pusher, a boundary breaker, a rule bender, an authority questioner. By god, she won't be cellophane, she'll be bloody extra strength Kevlar. Just TRY and ignore her!!!

And now, just for fun, another Chicago number...... Night folks! ;D


Missusgarry said...

I am sure I've turned into cling-film (which is finer than cellophane, so even more invisible!!! ... so, yes, I concur! :) xx

Risa said...

I think we all feel that way at times, but let me assure you that you are most NOT cellophane in my world. Hugs, my dear. I am wondering if something has happened that has brought this on? And you know, anytime you feel like chatting to a real live non-cellophane friend, Skype me!