Thursday, February 11

A Valentine's party, never vacuum naked and answer the phone at the same time, is there such a thing as too much exercise?

Thursday?? So soon?!?!!? I knew this week would go fast! I had something going on everyday this week... tomorrow is going to be sooooo peaceful!!! ** I know, I know, famous last words!!**

So today I ran around like a maniac to get the house ready and decorated for a Valentine's party. We really made the house look lovely and had treats, a card making station, games, crafts, candy, cookies, healthy treats, strawberries, red peppers, tomato roses....!! It looked lovely!! I had to get it all done ( with the help of the kiddoes of course! ) before 10 am as my boss was coming over to have a conference call at my house. At five minutes before 10 I was to be found in the bathroom, vacuuming ... and ... um.... well. That's all I need to say isn't it?? Suffice it to say I was about to have a shower. Anyway, the phone rang and it was my boss asking if I was busy baking for my party...! I scoffed and said "hardly!!" but then rather rashly told him what I had been doing instead!! ;D LOL!!! We are friends, but really, it's just not right to know that the party to which you are trying to have a reasonable conversation with is in the altogether on the other end of the line!! I do have a tendency to open my mouth and the truth falls right out!!! Anyway, enough of that I think! ;D


So anyway, we got all our party stuff ready, the conference call was rescheduled, the children made cookies all by themselves and seemed to enjoy it. We had a lovely afternoon with good friends and the smell of cookies if nothing else!! ;D Only two more weeks and I can eat crap again!!! ;D ( you know what I mean I hope!! ) I did introduce Lisa to the joys of Soy Bacon, cooked mushrooms, spinach, slivered almonds and cranberries..... I don't think I could ever tire of eating that!!! SOOOOO good! ;D

I didn't get my morning work out in this morning so did my evening one after the mentalist... I'm getting better folks!! Not so shaky, strong strong strong....!! Lisa almost has me convinced to try the boot camp...... uh oh..... I'll keep you posted.... of course! :D


A Magical Childhood said...

It looks gorgeous!

Gorgeous. said...

Thank you, sweetie!! I thought it looked beautiful too! ;D