Friday, February 12

Changing my mood, getting stuff DONE and finding a babysitter!! YEAHY!!! :D

So I promised myself yesterday that today would be so peaceful... remember?!?! Rex went out at 5:30am (!!!) to have breakfast with some friends of his. I love that he does that, it's so neat! AND I get to go back to sleep!!! ;D And sleep I did. It was 9am before I even managed to drag myself out of bed. I was feeling really... bleurgh. Unmotivated really. I plobbed around for an hour or more before remembering something The Marvelous Risa told me about....
Improving your mood in one hour.
We threw on some great music from the radio, acted happy, contacted some friends and, most importantly, rid myself of a TON of nagging tasks! Ahhhhh.... I feel SO much better now... and so do the fish!! Man those tanks were nasty ( Weren't they, Mary?!! :D ) !! Now I just need homes for 14 female guppies! ;D

The most important nagging task I had been putting off was to call the folks who moved in across the street this past Christmas. I wanted to know if their teenage daughter would like to babysit! Guess WHAT!?!?!?! She WOULD!!!!! I asked he to come over and meet Rex and the kiddies..... she came!!! She didn't run away screaming AND she has a cousin with Down's !!!! Perfect!!! She also plays drums and guitar....!!! I KNOW!!!!! AND Jack and Jessie LOVE her!! I knew they would! She sounded lovely on the phone and the kids are suckers for lovely young ladies!! ;D We made a plan for Rex and I to have her babysit next week sometime and I.Can't.WAIT!!! The fact that she lives so close and her folks are near should she need help... well... what more could we ask for?!?! I've decided that we need to make this happen. If it's a choice between Boot Camp and a babysitter... well, I'm afraid the babysitter is going to win out. ( Sorry Lisa... : } )

I read a blog a while back that some friends had lead me to somehow, ( maybe they can remind me what it is again??! *thanks, Ree.... here it is..... creating-the-year-2010 ) and this lady had two children with disabilities. One was deaf and the other was disabled in some rather profound way. The lady and her family would, each year, pick a theme for the year ahead. The year of Traveling, The year of debt free etc. I'd like to make this the year of Can Do. We aren't in a great financial position, things are really tough right now, but this is the only life we have. We need to live it, grand finances or not. We are still cutting down our debt every month ( which is really amazing considering...! ) so we're not going to go wild with our money, but the money I make from my articles etc... well that can go to the babysitter for sure!! TOTALLY WORTH IT !! ;D

( and no, you can't have her!! ;D )

Off to work out and then do some couch loafing!! ;D Happy Friday, folks! ;D


Risa said...

I am soooo envious of your having a babysitter that close! Awesome!

Oh, and the Marvelous Risa would like to tell you the blog is by Rachel Coleman, who is a co-creator of the Signing Time videos. The blog post in question (Creating the Year 2010) is here:

If that link doesn't work, go to rachel coleman dot com (written as you'd expect).

And congrats on continuing to pay down debt. We've got 6 years left on the mortgage and that's it. Can't wait! Think of how many trips to Nebraska that extra money would buy! :-)

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks Ree....! The link didn't show up but I'll have a look for it in the morning and post it up! ;D

Stephanie said...

What's a babysitter???


Samantha said...

Score on the babysitter!! Woo Hoo!