Saturday, January 9

Saturday... another "nice" day! ;D

Not much happened around here again today! ;D I DID get the validation I needed regarding Jack and snack time! Turns out he REALLY benefits from eating around 8, then again at 11, 1, 4 and 6. It makes an enormous difference to his personality if he gets regular meals and snacks. The kid is build like a brick house and he's solid as rock, but he is a carb hound and I have read that children with Down's may lack the hormone that tells them they are full, so I want to try and watch he doesn't get enormously large! Anyway, I forgot to get him snacks today as I was working on getting the house straightened around... and BOY did we notice a difference! Phew !! ;D

As a follow up to yesterday's post... Mum is fine now, though still bruised and tender poor woman. :( She slid down the stairs due to wearing slippers with no grip, and she seriously banged her coccyx which she had fractured in the '80's and it had never been right since. Thank you so much to everyone who asked about her!

Also the Hunt the Timer game... we get a timer and set it for 10 seconds. Someone hides the timer and pushes start when they have found a great spot, they then have 10 seconds to flee the scene before the timer goes off. The other players hear the timer beeping and have one minute to find it before it quits beeping! It's surprisingly fun, cheap and easy entertainment! ;D

The house is getting back to "normal" now, I believe I have all the decorations put away. The laundry is almost all handled ... just one or two loads to do and one to put away..! Getting there!

For tonight I am going to make a nice, hot cup of tea, put on my PJ's and sit under a blanket on the couch. It's ccccccold out there folks! ;D

'Night night~ ;D


Risa said...

I'm going to try hunt the timer here--sounds like a nice break from hyperdash. We play lots of hide and go seek too. The boys count so fast that when you are the hider, the game is an aerobic workout!

Interesting about Down's and not knowing you're full. Wonder if other folks lack that hormone / signal from the body too.

A Magical Childhood said...

Your assignment for the day-- put up an article on that lovely parenting column of yours telling people how to play hide the timer. Should take 10 minutes tops and the time to put a photo up! Then tell people.

Just saying...... :)

Love you!