Friday, January 8

A good day.

Well we had a nice day today! You know it's been a nice day when you look back on it and nothing much stands out in your mind!!! I mean it's been a GREAT day if you look back and had lots of exciting things to do, or friends over, or you did something spectacular and it's a terrible day if you look back and all you can think of is yelling and crying, wet pants, dog poop and cat barf! Today was a nice day. The kiddies and I were once again home all day thanks to ridiculously low temperatures and an innate desire to not go anywhere for any reason! :D Jessie DID venture to the mailbox TWICE bless her, but other than that we were in for the duration! We started to take down the Christmas decorations, I did some work on the computer, we played several rousing games of Hunt The Timer, the kiddoes watched PBS, I chatted on the phone to Lisa and my Mum ( who fell down the stairs today, bless her... :( She really hurt herself... ) I had a long nap.. honestly I'm sure other things were done but I truly can't recall any of them!! Jack had a bath tonight and as I was tucking him up in his bed he snuggled into his pillow and said "good day, Mommy...." He's right. It really was.


Risa said...

So what is Hunt The Timer? And I hope you Mum is ok--what happened? A fall at home or on all the ice and snow the Brits aren't used to?

Niecey said...

Aw how nice.

Gosh, I hope your mum is ok.