Thursday, January 7

Christmas stops here…. Or does it? :D

Today was the day we were supposed to be taking down all the decorations, putting away the little houses, throwing out the gingerbread houses and generally erasing all evidence that Christmas was ever here… Happily we didn't get around to it and Christmas gets to stay for at least one more day. I LOVE Christmas. I love our beautiful trees,

I love making Gingerbread houses,

I love the decorations all around the house but mostly I love the spirit. I love the happiness, the excitement, the joy and kindness you feel from strangers on the street, shoppers in the stores, neighbor greeting neighbor…. I love the magic of Christmas Eve… the letter to Santa, the cookies and sherry, Hot Buttered Rum, log fires and mince pies, fudge wreaths, Holiday Open Houses, Christmas cookies, finding the perfect gift. I love Christmas lights, touring neighborhoods in the car with the kids in their pj's, the Christmas parade,

picking out the tree,

Christmas cake, singing Christmas songs, the Christmas dinner table with candles, the best silver, fancy glasses and all that food.

I love the children's excitement, the wonder and thrill at seeing their bulging stockings on Christmas morning

and the excitement of our own as we search for those things that would make our children's eyes light up. I love Christmas memories, Christmas past. I love it all. You can imagine then, it's with a heavy heart I begin to pack away our decorations and with a sense that each year Christmas seems to come faster and go quicker than the year before. I remember the Christmas before I had Jessie. I packed away my decorations thinking that next Christmas we could have a baby to share it with us…and so we did. I remember packing away the decorations the year before we had Jack and thinking the same thing… wondering who else might be a part of our family next Christmas.

So.. tomorrow for sure it's goodbye to Christmas 2009 and welcome to 2010. Who knows what will happen this year and what I will be thinking as I unpack my decorations once again. ..327 days to go !!!

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Risa said...

I love how you love Christmas, Tiffany. I don't know if you know how much this will mean to your children in future, to be left a legacy of wonderful feelings about this time of year. Let's just say 'twas not my experience with the season, unfortunately, and I struggle with it every year.