Friday, February 13

Oh Mammo grammo.....

An Ode to a Mammogram, by Tiffany Baker.

Dear Mammogram I wish you wouldn't
Squeeze the places you really shouldn't.
And pinch my shoulders, cramp my style
Let's not do this again for a while.

I like that you're helpful for some diagnosis
and glad that your operator had no halitosis
but next time my mammary glands get such squeezing
I hope it's my hubby, not you, that they're pleasing!!!!!!


I had my first mammogram yesterday! Whooot! ; D I didn't really need one, but thought it would be a hoot! :D (Not really!!) I've been having a lot of tenderness probably due to the progesterone I take, and thought a mammogram would be a fun way to spend the day a way to ease my mind. Besides, every girl should get one, right?!? I was really not looking forward to it as I've heard such horror stories, but I spoke to the tech on the phone and asked her what it would be like. I don't have large Boo~zums, but the nurse reassured me that a) even tiny titties could be easily accommodated in their machine and b) NO ONE would laugh!

On the day the staff were very friendly and kind. The tech helped me get positioned and the machine did it's thing. I must say I thought it would be best not to LOOK at my poor boobs as they were being smooshed.... I just listened to the nice lady, held my breath when she told me to and tried to relax. Apparently if you aren't relaxed it makes it much harder to get lined up and everything. All in all I was quite happy to have done it and pleased with the way it all went. I got my results within 5 minutes... all normal, no problems. Come back again in 5 years. Deal!!!

Mammograms. Not had one? Get one.


Risa said...

Good for you, Lady! You're an inspiration...and a poet! LOL!

Alicia said...

Glad it went well and your mind was put to ease. I can't have one till I'm done nursing and there's no telling what my poor bosom will look like by that point! :)

Great poem too. You're gifted!