Tuesday, February 10

Roller Coaster.... of love..... Roller Coaster.....

OK the roller coaster that is my hormonal life at the moment must be on an upswing as I feel p.r.e.t.t.y good today!! :D Yesterday I took Jack over to the neighbor lady's house... he seemed to have a great time, no one screamed, nothing was broken... a good day! :D We only stayed an hour and a half which may have been key to our success. When I go to Diana's house I want to stay FOR EVER and we always dawdle over leaving. We need to leave on a high note, so we should make the drive over, walk in, say "HEY!! It's good to SEE you" then "Well, Bye!!!" and beat a retreat!! :D Anything more than that and stuff starts to go down hill fast!!! :D See, that's a bit of an exaggeration but also indicative of the good mood I'm in!! Chipperness! ;D Another fun part of yesterday was when Megan came to see us. I was expecting her in the evening ( she had training in town yesterday and today and I had suggested she spend the night here rather than driving back home... ) but instead she arrived at 11:30 am!! She's LUCKY I was DRESSED!! ;D Anyway, she and Jessie stayed home and played the recorder, went for a walk etc as Jack and I went on our play date. When we got back Meggie and I visited and she helped me bathe the rats, clean out their nasty cage, haul in a HUGE fish tank to put them in instead etc etc!! She also started dinner and CLEANED MY HOUSE!!!!! ** sigh** !! We ALL need a Megan!! :D Having a clean house certainly lightens my mood I'll tell ya! :D

Jackster woke up in the night... well I suppose TECHNICALLY it was the morning, I know some folks actually get UP at 5:30 in the winter, but not I !!.... anyway, he woke up in the early morning and I went to him so he wouldn't wake his sister as he is wont to do!! ;D He held out his arms to me and said "Mommy...??" I gave him a hug and he said "A Mommy's bed...??" I know there is no fighting it so I took him into my bed with me and we snuggled up under the blankets. As we were just drifting off to sleep he said "I yuv you Mommy"...... EVERY TIME he says that I just melt. He can be so damn adorable! ;D A little further into the night / morning he woke again..... "Mommy??..... a beee....."
"...hmmm??.... you have to pee???"
"No, a bee. Bzz bzzzzz.....?????"
"Oh, that's not a bee honey....... it's just Daddy snoring......!!"

Today was just fabulous!! It was SIXTY SEVEN DEGREES this afternoon!!!! I KNOW!!!! and it's FEBRUARY !!! ( * quickly checks calendar to make sure it actually IS February or would feel a bit dumb if not...!! * ) It really IS!! :D This morning we watched about 30,000 snow geese fly over our house AND NOT ONE OF THEM POOPED ON ME!!!! It's a SIGN!!! Really it's fabulous to watch and hear them all ... flock after flock flying in....... A~Mazing! ;D Jessie had her riding lesson and Jack and I spent some time together running a couple of errands here in town. We held hands as we walked and I marvelled at how well he behaves when Jessie is not around. (Hmmmmm) We picked up Jessie later and I took them both to the library van and picked out a ton of books and movies again. I LOVE the library van.... where would I be without it?!! The children played in the HEAT outdoors whilst I got dinner ready and we generally had a lovely day. I even kept my calm at bed time, no stress despite lots of crazy silliness on Jack's part!!! I'm wondering how much is mood swings, how much is the fact I have started drinking Earl Grey tea and skipping the caffeine, how much is due to the fact I've dropped dairy and gone (almost) Vegan again and how much is just dumb luck!!?!? I guess we'll have to see what happens when the roller coaster finally reaches the top of this here hill........






Risa said...

Love reading about your life--warts and all--and glad your are on the upbeat. And excited about the snow geese! :-) They usually start showing up here by early April...what a birding geek! LOL!

~Megs~ said...

WHOOT to 67 degrees!!! Still a bit nicer in Southern Cali, but not bad!! ...Gald you are in a happy mood!

Stephanie said...

You've been passed the Happy meme if you'd care to keep it and share it. You can find it here.