Monday, February 16

Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" like getting pee stains out the carpet! :D

Today's post is brought to you by the Bissell Little Green Compact Multi Purpose Deep Cleaner*!! ( wow ... that's a mouthful. Guess I shouldn't be eating it eh?!! :D ) Well for my Valentine's gift this year, this
is what I asked for !! :D Our carpets are just nasty with all the dogs, cats and little boys who use them on a daily basis. OK.. it's not daily, it just FEELS like daily. For instance, Minnie, our old rescue dog, peed liberally all over the carpet the other day. On Valentine's morning no less I was woken by the words "Minnie has thrown up all over the floor" ... * siiiiigh* !! So anyway, unromantic it may seem, diamonds and chocolates it is not ( though I did also receive a box of chocolates ( I know, I know, I'm spoiled.... !) ) the Bissell Little Green was the perfect gift.

Yesterday I finally took it out the (recycled) box, added the earth friendly cleaning solution, (it's not called the Little "Green" for nothing!! ) plugged it in, turned it on and began stain removing!!!! Whooo!! :D It works really well!!! Jack and I kept searching to find more dirty areas of floor so we would have something else to clean!!! It was so satisfying!!! My friend Diana recommended it to me a month ago and I am so lazy if someone has a product and likes it, well, that's a good enough recommendation for me!!

So there ya have it! A Valentine's treat everyone can enjoy!! :D Clean carpets in no time!!!

No need to thank me! :D

*and PS, I'm not being paid to recommend this product, though I wouldn't say no if it were offered!! ;D I have principles, but I'm not STUPID!! :D

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Stephanie said...

I love my carpet cleaner, too.
But it's a Hoover.

But carpet cleaner's save the day.