Friday, July 25

Friday already?!!? How did that happen! :D

It's been very quiet around here lately! :D The weather has been sort of cloudy and HUMID so we've been flaked out around the house! The kids have been playing so nicely together and have a super game of house set up in the spare room upstairs! They have tea sets and dolls everywhere..! I LOVE when they play so nicely together! It makes my heart ache with happiness. I have been known to creep upstairs and spy on them, just to fill up on that feeling! :D

We went out last night with some friends. Their son left Nebraska for New Zealand a few years ago and he was back for a visit with his NZ girlfriend, Mel. I have know their boy since he was 8 years old and it's so shocking to see a grown man where once was a small boy and listen to him talk about his life and his research he is carrying out etc.... They talked about all the travelling they have been doing.. they've been all over the states and are heading out to San Francisco for a day on Tuesday, then flying off to NZ after that. Envy envy envy.... I've done a LOT of travelling in my life, but not lately. We did go to England a year ago, but since that is "just" going home, it doesn't seem like such an adventure as discovering new lands! On the way home hubby and I felt really, REALLY OLD!!!! ** sigh **

I'm looking forward to some travelling in my future. Lots and lots of it! :D Maybe New Zealand would be a good start!! :D

Today is another grey and humid day, which is ok really. I like a change! We're going out to the mall later to pick up a birthday card for my Ma.

What's new with YOU?! :D


jennifer lara said...

I have only read the first paragraph of today s post but I had to tell you I too spy on my children when they are playing together nicely and it fills my heart as well :)
I also have hte humid hazy weather as your southern neighbor in MO :)

Andi said...

Ooh Ooh, I'm going to New Zealand for about a month and a half at Christmas to see my brothers and my niece/nephew who will hopefully be making an entrance at some point around then!

I LOVE traveling but I know what you mean about 'just' going home to England. It isn't really a trip if you go to England is it? LOL