Tuesday, July 22

A.P. Parenting....

Or All that Paperwork....!!! Yikes! :D

Today was the day for paperwork! For some reason I woke up in the mood to shuffle some papers and fill some forms!! :D I have done so with abandon and now have paid all my bills, completed my homeschooling paperwork for the new year and, and this is a biggie, filled in all my insurance claim forms for my progesterone from back in November 2007 through to last month!! THAT was a bear on my back, but funnily enough, it was really simple to complete once I started. Isn't' that always the way? You put something off.. and put it off some more. It's been put off for so long that part of your brain thinks it must be because it's so hard to complete... so you put it off some more. Months pass. Finally you find you have some time to really look at the things, so you drag out the papers, sort them into reasonable piles, look at the instructions from the insurance company.... and... AND....and it's a cake walk!! :D All those months I could have had the money back!! :D Ah well! It's done now and I am sooo proud of myself! :D One thing I am not so happy about is I had told the kiddoes that I would plan to spend time with them today and play a game with them. It's 5 pm. Have YOU played with your kids yet?! I haven't!! There's still time, so I'm going to see if I can get them out for a quick walk with the dog, then a fast game of something fun before dinner! Yesterday I managed to play a game of chess with Jessie whilst talking on the phone! This afternoon I have been blowing bubbles with Jack whilst working on the computer... multitasking is my middle name! However, they really need 100% of my attention this time. ( In fact Jessie has just come in and asked if I would play with her!!) I'm going to head off and play for a while....Hide and Seek is my favorite......!! ;D

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Niecey said...

Yeah I have a bunch of paperwork things I really need to get round to, but keep putting off. They still haven't filled themselves in yet, I keep waiting and hoping they will. I guess one of htese days I'll have to get round to doing it.

I hope you enjoyed playing a game with the kids after all that :)