Tuesday, July 29

FOUR MILES and still breathing!! :D

OH I AM AWESOME!!!!! LOL!! I ran FOUR miles today!!! ( To be totally honest, I did have to stop for breath twice on the last lap, but I did run the entire way and only stopped for about a minute total.....! I'm so into full disclosure!!! ) I have only just got back home, checked with the kiddies and had a big glass of water! The fan is blowing on me full bore and I am just dripping with "perspiration" !! :P but I HAD to write and brag ! I'm pretty darn proud of myself!! :D

I will write about our amazingly busy weekend, later today. Hubby is away this weekend and he borrowed my camera. The camera still has all my pictures on it so no photos until tomorrow!! Until then... I need a shower!! :D

Have a great morning! :D

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Niecey said...

Good job! In this muggy heat too.
I'm tired from just reading about it