Monday, July 21

Monday Monday.....!!!

Well how was YOUR weekend?!

We didn't end up doing all the stuff we thought we would this weekend, but the kids and I had a great time at the water park and Jessie met a friend of hers she hadn't seen for years! She had such fun playing with him and his little brother! Jack and I spent a lot of time playing with the water fountains and he had a blast soaking me as much as possible...!!! I noticed that he was very keen to play with his sister and her friends. He would stride off into deep water to play with them, which would have been fine had the pool not been chocka block with people! You could barely move without bumping into or being bumped by someone or other. So many children were running and knocking everyone about.... * sigh * .... not exactly a heap of fun for me, but they were just having fun I suppose. Jack ended up asking to go on the water slide, a little kiddie one, and so many tiny kids were playing on it without fear... they came out spluttering sometimes, but for the most part they were all fine. I wouldn't let Jack go on it... he hates to go under water and I know what he's like for not holding his breath or shutting his mouth. I felt mean not letting him go, but I really wasn't sure what the best thing to do for him was. At one point I was following him around the pool and he was trying to get away from me and telling me to go away!!! I'm obviously being over protective, but my option then is to let him get away from me, go under water and then half drown?! He's a stubborn boy and really has no concept of risk.

Meanwhile a small boy, perhaps 3 at the most, was crying in the pool. He looked like he may be lost, so I approached him and asked him if he was ok. He cried louder and ran away from me. I told a lifeguard (young, handsome, nice smile....!) and he said that the boy had come down the slide, started to cry and was probably looking for his parents. Looking for his parents!!?!? He's 3!! Tops!!! He shouldn't be looking for his parents, they should be looking AFTER him. The lifeguard said he would take care of it and went after the boy. The boy would have nothing to do with him either and ran further away. The lifeguard shepherded him away from the deep end of the pool whereupon the boy then began to hustle to the exit...!!! STILL no sign of any parents......! At this point the lifeguard had rounded up more lifeguard help and they were all trying to sort out this little kid. I turned away. My own boy needed my attention and I knew they wouldn't let the little guy out the gates. I was so mad with his parents. So many people take their kids to the pool and they lay sleeping in the sunshine whilst their children play. The older ones can get wild and knock people down, the younger ones get frightened or hurt and the lifeguards are left to be the parents. It's disgraceful.

Hmmm. Sorry!! Bit of a rant this morning!! :D

Well... It's Whole House Cleaning Day AGAIN!! ; D I stripped and remade the beds before my run ( well the kids stripped theirs! ) so that's one less thing to do, but there's still a bunch to get on with ... at least.. NO PAINTING!! YEAHY!!! :D

Have a Happy Monday!! :D

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