Thursday, January 24

Little kids say some funny things!

I LOVE the way Jack talks. Jessie used to say some cute things too. She would say "A way a guis a wah woos " for I want a drink of water!!! I don't think I'll ever forget that!

Jack says "Sassoo" for Lasso, he says "Nam~nam" for hammer and "Foo fipher" for screwdriver!! I LOVE it!!! I'm always telling him "Say Lasso!!! Say Hammer!! Say Screwdriver!!!" LOL!! He's so obliging!! He'll always say them for me!! And he giggles too.. he knows it sounds funny! But I don't correct him!!! I don't want him to say it "right" !! I want him to say it his way! I LOVE it!! :D

Other Jackisms as I think of them....

"Fee fee" TV
"Boonan" Brecon ( our dog!)
"Burbil" Gerbil!
"Wats" rats
"Schoop" soup
"Peee yo" pillow
"Gicky" sticky
"Heffy" heavy
"Big an stwoooong" Big and strong
" up an ears" up stairs
" down a nears" down stairs
"Wuh one" that one
"Up a down" upside down
"doin up" ( actually this sounds more like "door knob" ) means "Going up" or pick me up!
"Yey yeee" or these days "She' shee" Jessie

Also...!! "BOWN it!" for Found It!
"Gikken" for chicken
"mawl" for Small

I may add some more to this list... I hate that his speech is improving!!! It means I'm going to forget how he used to say things!!! It's sad when they grow up... exciting, but sad too.... "}

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