Wednesday, January 23

AP Moment of the day ~ Amazing...!

You may or may not have picked up the hint that I am quite keen on the latest book we are reading on our booklist, Parents Please Don't Sit On Your Kids, by Clare Cherry. I was reading more of it at the dinner table tonight ( a treat Jessie, Jack and I indulge in when Daddy isn't home for dinner! ) and came across an interesting little chapter. The author suggests using gerunds, which are nouns, created from verbs. These words always end in "ing" and are used as gentle reminders for children. !! I was intrigued and read on.... The words she uses are those such as "Waiting", "Not touching", "Walking" and so on. I really thought the woman was a kook. Jack was at the table and had basically given up on dinner. I looked at him and said "Jack, Eating!" ..... and wouldn't you know it, he picked up his fork and ate right away!! Hmmm... a fluke, thinks I, but I vowed to try again soon. Well, after dinner it was time to go up to bed. I needed Jack to help carry some things up the stairs but he had a whistle in his hand and refused to put it away until morning. I said "Jack, Putting away!" .. and he went and did it!!!!! Immediately!!!! I don't know what this magic is, but it WORKS!!! I said to him "Carrying!" and he picked the stuff off the stairs and hauled it up, no questions!!!! :D

Gerunds. Mother's little helpers!! ;D


Anonymous said...

I linked through from So Called Homeschool, and your post has me laughing out loud, just thinking of the possibilities.

Hey kids....
Not talking!!!

I'm picturing it working like some magic hypnotic spell or a cute dog trick, lol.

I'll try it!

Gorgeous. said...

Hey!! ;D Don't knock it until you try it!!! It's very freaky when it works!!!! Maybe it IS hynosis!!! Is it wrong that I don't care WHY it works!?!?! LOL!!!