Monday, January 21

AP Moment of the weekend!

Or rather, Jack is a nightmare in hotels...especially this one!! :D

We had a lovely and fun weekend with our friends despite the 10 hours of driving it involved! :D
We stayed ( in the -13 degree temps I might add) at a hotel with a pool, hot tub and sauna! It was raaahter chilly though and the windows got icy on the inside! The kids all thought it was a hoot to put their handprints in the ice... nuts!!

Anyway, I really had to put my parenting hat on a lot of the time this weekend. Jack is renowned for running off in this hotel. He can get out the room in a flash. Literally we were all standing in the room and he **POOF** was gone. He'd gone so fast that when we, seconds later, looked out of the door neither hubby or I could tell which way he had run to, so we both had to fly off in opposite directions and catch him. He laughs and giggles the whole time he is running.. he really enjoys the chase and having spent 5 hours sitting in the car and being a really good boy, I'm not surprised he needed to get his energy out a little. We let him run. We'd call him back and run away from him so he would chase US, then he'd turn and run away and we'd chase HIM... we all got lots of exercise!! :D

Another event occurred which tested my parenting skills and I came up with the goods!!! Jack was bound and determined to putz with the heater in the room. He wanted to mess with the controls and turn up and down the heat etc.... with it being as cold out as it was I wasn't going to allow ANY messing about with our one heat source!! Realising that to tell a child "Don't" do something is basically telling them "Think about nothing else until you can't help but do the thing you were just told to not do..." I instead told him... "TOUCH THE CHAIR!!" there he sat!! Looking intently at the heater... and reaching out to touch the chair!!!! I was so proud!!! :D

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.!!!


domesticallyblissed said...

Touch the chair - now that is brilliant! I'm going to use that tomorrow. Love the idea of getting Jack to chase you too. Glad you had a nice time away. Gypsyxx

Sarah said...

Oooh, I thought about you all weekend, traveling through the frigid temps! Glad you had a great time with your friends! Nothing like success with Jack to keep carrying on eh? =) Yippee!

Special K said...

I just love you! That is awesome!

Gorgeous. said...

Sarah... Yes Ma'am! It certainly is nice to find a truffle once in a while! It keeps me going!!!!!

Gorgeous. said...

Gypsy! Thanks!!! I was pretty darned proud of myself!! : D

Gorgeous. said...

Awww... Special K...!!
** blush **