Friday, January 25

AP Moment of the day~ Get out, get out, GET OUT!!!!

Or, what to do when the weather finally gets above freezing! :D

It was above freezing, in fact it was in the 40's today, for the first time in a month I'm sure. We have been cooped up now for what feels like MONTHS and today was the first time we've been out in a while! It was like getting out of prison (I imagine!!! ... I don't have first hand experience of that!!) the sun was so bright! The air smelled so good!! The sky was so blue, the birds sang so sweetly!!! We spent the first few minutes blinking in the bright light and looking about us like transplanted Moles... hauled out of our dark and musty depths and thrust out into the open and the crisp, clean air!! We stared about us as we walked! We splashed in the puddles left by swiftly melting snow. We made up Haiku on the fly and I honestly FELT smarter as we strolled!!! We identified birds, we counted trees, wings on birds, legs on dogs, hands on sisters...! We read STOP signs and house numbers, we named colours .... in short we shook out the cobwebs of our minds and took one giant stride towards spring!! :D I LOVE Nebraska for it's spring~ in ~the~ middle~ of~ winter~ness!! You don't get that everywhere and it was JUST what we needed!! :D

Tomorrow's forecast..... SNOW!! :D ( not really! I have no idea what the forecast is! ;D )


domesticallyblissed said...

Ooooh, I am getting chills just thinking of it. We are in the middle of summer here and have been taking Munchkin for a swim in the sea every day to cool off. Believe it or not a bit of a brisk cool walk sounds quite nice right now!!!

Gorgeous. said...

Now swimming in the sea to cool off sounds like a delightful plan!! ;D I'm IN!! :D