Friday, December 14

AP Moment of the day~ Even when they are "all growed up"

... they are still your babies.

My little girl, Jessie, is 8 going on 13. She is growing up so fast. I see her regarding herself in the mirror, trying poses, putting on makeup and making pouty lips.... !!! Scary. She's still quite innocent, partly I'm sure, due to being homeschooled, but she's picking stuff up from somewhere! She wants her hair cutting really short and stylish, she begs to wear nail polish ( no! ) and wants to put on my make up when we go out now, rather than putting it on for fun at home. I know she wants to be like me and I love that, but NO! ( I let her wear some lip gloss and I may dab on some blush for her, but that's my line!!) She has a mind of her own ( of which I am very proud!! I don't have a mind of my own and it's something I struggle with a lot, so I'm very happy she is making many of her own choices and decisions! ) and she sometimes talks back.. (GASP!!! NEVER!?!? REALLY!?!!?! .. it's true!) so yes, she's growing up. My first born, my tiny baby, my precious (!! "Precious"!!!) is growing up.

Tonight I was putting the kiddoes to bed. Jessie decided she wanted to sleep in with Jack. Apparently he'd asked her to and he is really snuggly in his footy pj's so I can see why she didn't argue much. I read them a sweet story during which Jackster began snoring! I kissed them both goodnight and turned out the light. The humidifier was running and so was the furnace as I was leaving the room, so I didn't quite catch what Jessie had said,

"What?!?! " I asked her.

"...mutter mutter mutter..." she mumbled, even quieter than before.

"What did you say Jessie? I can't hear you..."

"Nothing" she said "It's ok...."

Pah! I know better than that!! I went up to the side of the bed and asked again...

"What was it you said honey? I just couldn't hear you. What was it you needed??"

" I don't suppose you'd sing Golden Slumbers to me,... would you? " she asked.

I almost cried. I almost cried right there. I managed to calm myself before I spoke.

"Of course I will honey. Always."

Many years from now I will still remember her asking me to sing her a lullaby before she went to sleep and the absolute joy it filled in my heart.

My first born, my baby, my big girl.

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Alicia said...

Bah!!!!!!!!! You made me CRY. What a way to start the day! :) Just kidding. Wonderful post. Big, big happy smiles.