Thursday, December 13

AP Moment of the day~ a little taste of Christmas!

We had a lovely day today visiting with our friends who are also a delightful homeschooling family. I always love when they visit, they are all so polite and friendly and the children all play so nicely together. At one point today I glanced around to see all the children sitting in a circle reading books!!! They also spend a vast amount of time out playing in the snow whilst their mum and I spent our time in the kitchen as I prepared some of my old and new Christmas favorite treats! My old favorite is the Five Minute Fudge Wreath courtesy of Rachel Ray. Oh BOY that is a treat and it's very large so I can cut it into tiny pieces and send them off with hubby to work. I look like a saint and there's still TONS left for me! :D Ha HAH!! My new favorite is Hot Buttered RUM!! Hooo man. I LOVE it!! Another dear friend gave me the recipe after I refused to leave her house without it having just sampled a mug full the other day. After some grueling hours where she learned I was indeed serious, she caved and shared the recipe.

I visited my local teensy weensy grocery store and picked up the stuff I needed for both recipes..... sugar..... butter...... eggs..... rum flavoring.....chocolate chips.... butterscotch chips etc. and I told the lady at the checkout what I was planning on making! "Oh DO come back and bring us some samples..." she begged!! "Sure! If I don't slip into a diabetic coma first!!" I quipped back!! ;D

It was only when I was at home and most of the way through the recipe that I looked to see just how much rum flavoring I needed to add and realised I was three bottles short. Tha's right... 3 BOTTLES short. I should point out that this recipe makes enough for the neighborhood (but not MY neighborhood!) and the bottles of flavoring are small... but still!! 3 bottles short is significant!! I left my friend in charge of the kids and dashed back out to the store again. ... I checked the prices of the flavoring and realised that 3 bottles were going to add up...... hmmm...


Soooooo here I am standing at the checkout with a large bottle of Bacardi Rum!!! I said to the woman behind the counter " I could either spend $12 for three small bottles of rum flavoring OR I could spend $13 on a BIG ASS BOTTLE OF REAL RUM!!!" ;D Made sense to me!!! :D I carefully drove home and tentatively skated into the house on the ice. I had a horrible feeling I might fall on my backside, or worse, DROP THE RUM!!! :D Happily neither event occurred and I was able to slosh my liquor into the mixture and we were soon sampling away !!!!!

A couple of mugs full later and I'm three sheets to the wind!! 'D

A little taste of Christmas indeed!! HO Ho HO!!!!! ;D

( For the recipe for the Hot Buttered Rum please send $50 in small bills to the address listed below!! ;D For the 5 Minute Wreath just pop it into Google and it should come right up for you! :D Enjoy!!)

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