Friday, November 9

What is Attachment Parenting? or Won't I go crazy if I can't put them down??

Attachment Parenting is a way of thinking. It's a style of parenting that is actually very instinctual. If your baby cries and you instantly put down your knitting and jump up to attend him, you are probably an attached parent. Of course if your baby cries and you simply sway your hips gently side to side and stroke his head as he lies wrapped in a sling around your body then, yeah, and duh, you're an attached parent... as you were!! ;D Responsiveness to your child's needs is one of the basic tenets, but there are also others... co~sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding, bonding, and balance in the life of the parents are some. It's pretty easy to be an Attached Parent of an infant, follow your instincts towards your particular child and you will probably do just fine.... the trick my friend comes in being an attached parent to a toddler, an older child or one with special needs. It's not hard, but it IS challenging. Your first instincts might not be the best way to go with the older child, especially if the instinct is to drive them to your inlaws house and leave them there.... and I don't mean for an hour or two! ;D ( I have never done this, but I HAVE thought of it once and again...!! ;D )

Attachment parenting is NOT having your child clinging to your legs. It is not having to give of yourself one hundred percent day in and day out when you really need just a few minutes in the bath! Attachment parenting is listening to your child, treating your child with respect, love and gentleness.

In short, it's a nice way to start people.

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