Friday, November 9

How can I be an AP parent if my kids won't read the books??

I don't know what sort of a parent you are, but I'd like to be a calm and serene parent who gently talks to her darling children in a sweet and loving manner at all times, particularly in times of stress......

* can you hear the bluebirds singing above my head?!?! *

...but.... I'm not!! : (

**bluebirds come crashing to the ground!!**

I tend to move very fast, yell very loud but love very hard and very honestly! :D I think my kids would get nervous now if I started to be really quiet and calm!! :D Still, I'm a nice person really and I love my kiddoes and I keep trying ( just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!!) to improve my parenting as often as I can! :D

In this blog I hope to learn how to be a better AP parent despite not having AP friendly KIDS!!! Honestly, don't they READ the books!?!?! They certainly don't lend themselves to my AP'ness..., if they would only do what the books SAY they should do!! ;D Wouldn't life be sweet if EVERYONE read the manuals?!?! :D Maybe my blog will help others along the way... and if not, hey, it's nice to have someone to commiserate with!!! ;D

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