Tuesday, December 23

Day Twenty Three Fine fine fine!

Today's Act was at the bookmobile.  Man I love that place!! :D  A quick library stop with people who are SO friendly and helpful!  They find books for me they think I will like, they are just awesome.  We've done act of kindness here in the past, hiding dollar bills in children's books.  This year was a lot simpler.  Basically I handed them the cash and asked them to apply it to the next person who has library fines.  I have felt the pain of library fines and would like to help! :D  Not terribly exciting and no pic to share, but there ya go, that's what I did!!  :D

In other news we baked the gingerbread ready for decorating today, I cleaned all the dog paw prints off the basement floor and stairs ( I wish it would just FREEZE already instead of making the back yard a mud bath for the dogs to wade in ) and I did a boat load of laundry.  Tomorrow I'm not planning on doing much other than decorating the gingerbread houses and family game night.  Simples.  :D

Hope you had a great day!

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