Sunday, July 7

Happy Pills, Ice Cream and Oreos! :D

Well today started our really strangely!  I've been so down since returning to Nebraska from the beach and I miss it SO much it's just not funny.  I was so depressed I barely wanted to get out of bed.  Hubby offered to take me to the lake for a while which was water, but of course, was not the ocean!  Jess watched the kiddoes and we picked up a coffee and headed to see what was happening at the waterside.  Before I left the house though, I decided I perhaps should take one of my "happy pills".   I took them for years before I was pregnant with Millie and they worked so well for me.... while I was pregnant though I stopped taking them ( of course! ) but now I really should take them again.  I've put it off and put it off and kept thinking I could manage without them but look at me this morning... I'm a mess.  My kids deserve a happy mama and my husband deserves at least a half way pleasant wife... so I took the pill.  The coffee and the rising sun over the lake helped my mood slightly and hubby's Ω˛ (!!WOW!?!?!  What's THAT symbol?!?!  The cat just walked over the keyboard and made THAT!!! HOW did he DO that?!!?! LOL!! ) ... ahem... anyway... my hubby's willingness to allow me to be silent and not talk about my feelings and what have you helped too.  We got home and I found myself feeling anxious just at the thought of going in the house so when he suggested we run to Home Depot to get paint I was happy to go along.  We had a fun time in Home Depot looking at tiles and stuff, I shared with hubby how I started a Pinterest page about Beach Houses and how important it is to me to ultimately move to the ocean.  I hadn't realised how much I love and miss the sea.  Anyhoo!!  Before long I was starting to feel a lot more relaxed.  

So the day went on and the kids had fun playing together... we put up a new swing for Millie which she LOVED

and then, since it got so dang hot outside we sat around watching Laura Croft movies (hubby) and reading books (me!).

The kids and I could NOT decide what we wanted for dinner.... it was getting late, we had a friend of Jessie's over and I HAD to feed them something.  Jessie was begging for Ice Cream and Oreo's for dinner.  Charlotte didn't mind what we had and Jack wanted Macaroni and Cheese.  I decided that we would have a contest and who ever could do a head OR a handstand for the longest time would be able to choose what was for dinner.  Jessie went first and did a head stand for 16 seconds.  Charlotte went next, then Jack but Jessie still maintained the lead...  then it was MY turn!!  20 seconds Baby!!!  "WHOOT!!!"  I declared  "Broccoli Fritters for ALL!!!!"   Jessie was indignant!!  She claims she was unaware that she was able to lean against the wall for support.  That was it.  A "Head off" was declared.  She went again....

FORTY SECONDS!!  My turn.... um..... pitiful.  She won!!  Oreos and Ice Cream it was!!

I headed out to our local gas station where you can choose your flavor by the pint or quart etc so I chose vanilla fudge and rocky road ( hey, I wasn't going to eat it!!).  The guy at the ice cream counter must have been new or something, he was scolded for taking off his hat whilst serving me and he could NOT find the right sized lid to put on the top of the ice cream. I really wanted to get going so I said, hey, it's ok, I've only go to go down the street so I picked up my already starting to melt ice cream. several snack packs of Oreos and headed to the check out.  I  paid the fella and then.... um...  where are my car keys??   I never NEVER lose my car keys.  I went back to the ice cream guy, I checked the cookie aisle.... no keys.  I checked my pockets again, I checked my purse again....  sheesh!  I MUST have left them in the car, I mean, hey, I had to have had them to GET here!!!  So I headed out side into the near 100 degree heat and thought, huh, what's that sound?  Sounds like someone's engine is running...  ahem.....  that's MY van....  uhhhhh.... yeah.  Not only had I left the keys IN the car, I'd left them IN the ignition and left the engine ON and all the windows open, doors unlocked.....  HELLO!!!  Yeesh.  So I sheepishly go home and share the story with the family ending the saga with "and that's what happens when I take my Happy Pills.....!"     I'll have to make sure I leave myself a note to count all the kids when I go to the store!! ;D

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