Saturday, July 6

Free book on Amazon today.... Wheat Belly Cookbook

Free Kindle edition today only!

Millie LOVES cake!  And so does Jack unfortunately!!  

We have struggled with Jack and his addiction to wheat and go on and off with wheat and grain free diets.  Whilst we were in Florida we noticed his behaviour was getting really crazy so decided to go wheat free again!  The poor kid! He hates it because he just LOVES bread and tortillas and cereal.   I've heard bread is as addictive as crack!!  I believe it!!  Anyway, my friend Lisa has told me before about this Wheat Belly book before and I just saw it's available on Kindle today only for free.   I didn't know if anyone else would like to try it out too!?  (It's an Amazon affiliated link so if you click on it I get a reimbursement BUT I'm only going to include links that I myself am interested in, so don't worry folks, you won't get spammed! :D )

I stopped eating grains in Florida also and that, combined with all the fresh air and exercise... I'm back down to my pre pregnancy weight!!! Whooot!!!  ( I was already getting down there but those last two pounds shot off last week!! )

Anyway, I downloaded the book

Wheat Belly Cookbook - Gluten-Free Diet For Delectable Cuisine (The Easy Diet) [Kindle Edition]

and hope it's going to give me some great ideas for food, especially for Jack!! :D  I'll keep you posted how it works out!! :D

Let me know if you liked it too or if you have any great grain free delicious ideas!! :D

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