Monday, December 2

Well hello! Yes, time has flown and yes, a LOT has changed around here! :D

So, here I am…  my children are no longer homeschoolers…(sob sob sob….  :(  ) I run a full time daycare out of my house so I get to spend my days with Millie at least and three adorable kiddoes!!  I made the mistake of allowing the children to "try" school thinking they would hate it.  They don't.  They love it.  I hate it.  They love it.  I wish I wish I wish I hadn't ever let them go.  Never the less, I did.  I thought daycare would be a nice way to bring in a little extra cash and allow me to spend time at home with my baby and be here when the bus gets in etc.  and it is, and I am, but OH how things have changed and OH how I wish they hadn't. We had no idea how great we had it.  We were fools.   …

Ah well…. deep breath, chin up and all that.

So anyway, it's December again!  Time for Random Acts of Kindness!  It's going to be trickier this year as I'm not as able to get out and about as I was this time last year.  Having a bunch of little ones is a tad restrictive, but we'll do what we can! :D

We emptied out a money box took it to the bank and gathered what cash we had.  It's less than last year, but still is better than nothing, yes? :D  We can afford to give away $5 a day so that's our goal.  Yesterday hubby and I were out getting groceries ( oh yes, now we can only get groceries on evenings or weekends…. like "regular" folk!!!  LOL!!  SIIIIIIGGHH!!!)  and we saw that Super Saver had a stack of bags of food for people to buy and donate to the food bank.  I found a bag that was roughly $5 and hid a $5 bill underneath it!  I'd written A Random Act Of Kindness, Merry Christmas 2013 on the bill.  Hopefully someone who is doing a good deed will be rewarded!! :)  It's a small thing, but it still felt good!! :D

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