Tuesday, April 2

We're Baaaaaack!! :D

OK, we've been back a while, but I have sooooo many photos to go through and sooooo much laundry to catch up on and SOOOOO little motivation to get back to "normal" so please bear with me as I try to come to terms with the fact that only a couple of weeks ago we were IN PARIS and now.... we are back here.  Le sigh.

Oh we had a fantastic time.  Paris is BEAUTIFUL!!  So clean, so "So".  The kids and I just LOVE it and we long to go back.   I'd live there in a heartbeat if anyone has any great ideas as to just HOW I might do that!  I'm already inclined to start selling all my stuff and saving up.  WOW.  Just wow.  After Paris we headed to England to see my parents and old friends where we also had a lovely time... again... pictures etc to come sooner or later... and finally one day and overnight in London before our return flight to the US of A.

I promise more pics and details soon but to talk about it right now somehow feels as if it will dilute the fabulousness and, I know this sounds selfish, but ... I just want to keep all that wonderful ALL to myself for a while longer.  WHAT an experience.  I just can't WAIT to go back!!!!!

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