Tuesday, March 12

One More Sleep!!! :D

OK boys and girls..... Tomorrow is the big day where we start our trip to France and England!!  We don't fly until the afternoon so we've got all day to do last minute bits and pieces!  I spent today trying to pack and putting it off as much as possible... it's still not quite finished but we'll get there!  It was another of those days that felt really busy but when I look back I can't remember what we did at all!! ;D  The kids got to play in the snow for a while which was a lot of fun for them, I had a nap or two which was very nice for me...!!

I don't plan to be spending a LOT of time online whilst we are away but may pop in every now and then if the weather is nasty and we end up spending time in our room!!  Otherwise expect a flood of pictures when we get home!!

Eeeeeeeek!!!! :D

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