Sunday, December 2

Random Acts Day Two

Today it was back to our little grocery store again.. this time we needed some tortillas but we had another cunning plan! We had a little plastic bag with four dollar bills inside and a note we had written. We intended to paste this note to the front of the pop machine outside the store.  As we drove up we noticed a young girl trying to get a drink from the machine.  She was fishing around trying to find change.  We walked up to the machine and she stepped away, apologizing!  We reached into our bag and handed her a dollar bill.  She said "Oh no!  I'm fine!!" but then we explained she had to take it and showed her our little sign!  She laughed and thanked us.  She used the bill and bought a drink for herself and then, with the change, she bought a drink for the little girl who was with her!!  Jessie and I carried on and stuck up our bag and our little note and then went into the store and carried on with our business!  We both wanted to stay and watch what happened when people saw the sign but we also prefer the secret santa sort of idea where you just have to imagine what happens next!! ;D

Our little sign!

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