Wednesday, May 9

23 weeks today! ;D

Not that I'm counting!!  Oh I'm SO counting! ;D

All is well with baby... went for another ultrasound last week and baby is spot on for dates and weighs one pound!!  ( ???  HOW can a baby weigh ONE pound yet I've put on MANY MANY pounds!!???  )  I'm showing as 4 weeks ahead or "Big for Dates" ...!!  I'm going to keep saying that after baby is born...I'm not fat, I'm just Big for Dates!! ;D

Not much happening around here this week.... last week was packed with friends and fun things going on... this week is a little quieter, but lovely just the same.  I got a lot of housework done yesterday so it's looking nice and clean again ( we'll see how long that lasts...) and the laundry is ALL DONE!!!  I KNOW!!!!

We did collect NINE Praying Mantis babies on Sunday and are raising them for fun!! ;D ( not profit!!) We put together an awesome habitat for them the other day ... it looks incredible!  I'll see if I can find a pic.....  Nope.   Bugger.  I'm hopeless at getting my pics from my iPod to my desktop....  grr.  I'll see if I can do it later... I have to write an article on how to raise Mantids too so I'll have to work it out sooner or later! ;D

Well I'd best get moving, have to get Jack to his speech therapy class!

Have a great week!

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