Saturday, April 28

Checking in and pressing on!

Howdy all!! ;D

No particular point to this post ( oh really?  there's a point to all your OTHER posts?? )  just felt like checking in and passing a few moments with y'all!! :D  ( ok, what's with the Howdy and the Y'all???  Channeling my inner Texan perhaps???)

( Ugh, the dog is at the top of the stairs SCREECHING to get into Jessie's room!!)

Jess and Daddy are out at the lake and then going on to T'ai Chi day in town!  Sounds like fun!!  Jack and I are hanging out, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted me to play with him.... ooooh kaaaay...... !  I'm hoping that means clean the house and do chores or maybe some fun science experiments but we'll see what we can do!

I told the little guy that he was pretty dirty last night and needed a bath.  He sobbed "I DON'T WANT A BATH!!  I LIKE DIRT!"  He hugged me and patted my back and whispered in my ear... "Love me, AND my dirt!!"  How can I argue with that?!?!?   It occurs to me that both the males in my life tend towards the grubby and messy, but they are also kind and funny, generous and happy.  I'd prefer that over any smartly dressed grumpy meany any day of the week!

Baby is growing and kicking.... we're at the dreaded (for me) 21 weeks this week... once we're through this then I'll look forward to 27 weeks and after that I'll be able to finally relax! I've been trying to do prenatal yoga videos and have realized just HOW much tension I'm holding in my body right now.  SO stiff I feel like an 80 year old.  An out of shape 80 year old!!  I can barely touch the floor!  I'm hoping to find somewhere I can swim a few times a week, I think that will help me build some strength and also relax. :D

We went to a couple of garage sales yesterday and stopped at a homeschooling friend's sale.  We picked up some neat toys ( a Scooby Doo Chess Set for one! ) and some awesome science books with great experiments in them!  We were flicking through them in the car on the way home and again last night!  We are all excited to get started on trying some out.... the perpetual motion machine and the homemade lightbulb are top of the list.  After watching a PBS special last night Jessie, Rex and I are all psyched to try some experiments with solar and wind power and also to come up with some DIY energy saving ideas.  We took Jessie to her first Science Fair recently and she is all pumped to go next time..... everything is a potential science fair experiment at the moment!!

We're busy trying to coordinate some trips soon... My cousin from Australia is in the states at the moment with her husband and some friends.  They are traveling around the place from Florida to Georgia, Tennessee, New York and LA....!!  I'm hoping that they will be able to stop in Nebraska and say hi!  We haven't seen them since our wedding in ..... ( has to check the time line.....) 1996 !!  Sheesh that's been a long time so we have to get together somehow!!  We also want to make a trip to PA to see hubby's Uncle.  We were planning to go sometime soon anyway but he was suddenly taken very ill and  we actually thought he may die....   happily he survived some pretty major surgery so when he's a little stronger we'll do there to see him!!  THEN I want to go see some of my favorite friends, who though they have never met, actually live something like 45 minutes apart from each other in Michigan!  It's my 40th birthday in June and we HAD planned all sorts of big adventures to celebrate...   I think we're going to hold off on those until NEXT year as most of them won't be a great idea when I'm a big fat pregnant lady! So the road trips to see friends will be my birthday treat instead!!  I can't think of a nicer one!  Also our lovely friends / extended family from MN are coming to stay with us soon too.... !!  They are super flexible luckily so we'll fit them in as soon as we get an opening!!!   I love the idea of keeping busy.... helps pass them time if you know what I mean....  not that I'm counting the months, weeks, days HOURS or anything...!! ;D (3,192 hours.....ahem....)

Well Jack is busy running around in his underwear and flying a car about the house.  He's given up spying on me with his homemade periscope  ( I suppose my sitting here at the computer doesn't give him much entertainment!! ) and is now looking for something else to get into!  I'd best go entertain him for a while... or find him some "fun" and "Exciting" chores!!! ;D

Lovely to chat!  Talk to you again soon!! ;D Have a wonderful day!

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Alicia said...

Love me AND my dirt! :)

Sounds like a lovely day!