Monday, April 23

This moment.

Trying to spend more time "in the now" and being inspired by soulemama and her post today, this is what we were greeted with on stepping outside this morning.

The glorious sun peeking through the trees with a blue, blue sky behind it.  The birds are singing away and Rex reports seeing 12 goslings at the lake paddling along behind Mama Goose.  HOW can anyone fail to be happy on a morning such as this?  True, I'm still not dressed.  Yes, I've been filling out Camp application forms and grappling with such topics as vaccinations and "is your child likable?" OK the dog is driving me BANANAS by acting as though someone has hidden a dead chicken somewhere in the house and she's running everywhere, whining, and looking for it.  Indeed, I have not yet had my morning cup of tea and sure thing, I wish I'd done some Prenatal Yoga this morning instead of stuffing my face with cereal like it was my last meal BUT, the moment I stepped onto the deck ( to wave like crazy people at my husband as he drove by on his way to town! ) I was filled with peace.  I thought I'd like to share it with you guys... you know, 'cause I'm friendly~like.  :D

I'm going to try and keep the image of the morning sun and the blue blue sky at the forefront of my mind today as I go about my day.  We'll see how long it lasts!!  Hope it brings a moment of happy to you too.

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